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NITORA is a professional manufacturer of Phosphate Salt & Specialty Fertilizers in China.  Devoting ourselves to Agriculture & Industry since 1997, our strategic goal is to be a global leader in Specialty Fertilizers.

  There are 5 main products of NITORA:

  Soluble fertilizer

  Mono ammonoum phosphate 12-61-0

  Di ammonium phosphate 21-53-0

  Mono potassium phosphate 0-52-34

  Di-potassium Phosphate 00-40-52

  Urea phosphate 17-44-0

  Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate 00-56-42

  Magnesium sulfate heptahedra

  Soluble NPK:

  Super-NPK 20-20-20+TE

  Super-NPK 28-14-14+TE

  Super-NPK 15-15-30+TE

  Super-NPK 10-52-10+TE

  Fluid fertilizer



  NITORAAGRO is to be a global leading supplier of specialty plant nutrients. Our mission focuses on the way of helping farmers and satisfying farmer’s need. NitoraAgro's solutions and fertilizers are designed to improve plant nutrition, enhance application efficiency and boost farmers' profit while minimizing harmful environmental impacts.

  We are governed with high ethical standards in dealing with our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, environment and community.

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